Pet Birthday Party
Pet Birthday Party

Pet Birthday Party

Plan an awesome birthday party for your pet!

Your pet celebrates its birthday party! You have a duty to plan puppy's, kitty's or bunny's unforgettable surprise show from the beginning to the end. Bake a delicious birthday cake, decorate a room, take care of your pet, dress it and organize a celebration. This is the coolest way for kids to plan a birthday party.

First, make a yummy cake for the birthday pet and its hairy friends!
Choose a cake shape with a tasteful dough. Pour sweet dressings with different flavors over the cake and add some colorful decorations and candles. Mmm, this will be a really savory bite.

Birthday decorations can make parties even more festive!
You can draw or write something on a poster for your pet and also decorate a room with hanging garlands. Prepare a snack, drinks and sweet cupcakes to make pet's birthday really special.

Pets want to look fabulous on this special day!
Tap all colorful fleas in a mini game, then brush pet's fur and dye some of the hair. You can choose between 5 vivid colors. For the final touch, perfume the little pet with its favorite fragrance.

Design an outstanding outfit for the party time!
Choose from a selection of fun and colorful headgears, birthday hats, glasses, collars and other accessories to dress up the birthday pet.

Now, it's time to party!
Your pet should make a wish before you blow out all the birthday candles. Every kid, adult, or even pet loves to receive a birthday present. Open a gift box and catch as many items as possible: balls of wool, bones or carrots. For more fun, pull strings of helium balloons and pop all the balloons. Take a group photo and sing the Happy Birthday song with your pet and lovely friends.

This will be a birthday party to remember!


  • 6 cute pets (cats, dogs and rabbits)
  • attractive colors and superb HD illustrations
  • play different mini games
  • tons of birthday accessories
  • a lot of cake shapes, dressings, decorations and candles to combine
  • birthday party planning ideas
  • smooth gameplay appropriate for kids