Ice Cream Kids
Ice Cream Kids

Ice Cream Kids

Unleash your creativity and create the ice cream of your dreams.

Summer is here and days are getting hotter and hotter. Refresh yourself with a nice cold yummy ice cream. Unleash your creativity and create the ice cream of your dreams. Yummy!

Serve it in crispy cones, nice glass cups, put it on plates, in bowls or even on cupcakes. Coat it with different toppings, sprinkle it with crumbs, put on some candy, add some fresh fruits, waffles, candy canes, decorate it with paper umbrellas and, on top of everything, add some little toys for your young ones to play with. And then the fun part - eat your ice cream and pop colorful balloons for even more fun.

You can save a photo of your ice cream to your photo gallery.

This cooking game is appropriate for everyone who like cooking, making and serving or just eating ice cream.


  • beautiful high quality HD graphics
  • intuitive, easy to use interface with draggable items for better positioning
  • infinite game play with unlimited combinations
  • many different types of cones, plates, bowls and cups
  • 4 types of ice cream in various flavors
  • lots of toppings, candies, fruits, waffles, waffle rolls, candy canes, sprinkles, crumbs...
  • umbrellas and sound making toys for decoration
  • screenshots of ice cream can be saved in your photo gallery
  • colorful balloons popping minigame
  • slide puzzle minigame