Doctor Kids
Doctor Kids

Doctor Kids

Be a doctor and treat kids in a children's hospital.

With the help of this educational game you can be a doctor and treat kids in a children's hospital. You can make them healthy again and put a smile back on their faces. Kids are counting on you!

Children are coming to the clinic, injured or suffering from various diseases, and they need your help to get better. Once you appoint the little patients to the right doctor’s office, you can have fun playing interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.

Game presents various injuries and different kinds of doctors and treatments, with many colorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. Every doctor’s office includes a unique minigame to make treatment even more fun. And don’t forget about the ambulance car that is always in a hurry.

Within this game, you can do the following:

  • Appoint your patients to the dentist to brush and fix their broken teeth.
  • Diagnose and vaccinate patients to heal them from strange diseases.
  • Make an eye examination test to improve kids’ eyesight.
  • Use a microscope to make some lab tests and eliminate viruses.
  • Use the X-ray machine to locate fractures and heal broken bones.

This game will keep your children occupied for hours and will also help them overcome the fear of visiting the doctor’s office.


  • kids friendly content (without violence, zombies or scares)
  • beautiful high quality HD graphics
  • intuitive, easy to use user interface
  • infinite gameplay with numerous combinations
  • many different patients in various clothes
  • offers 5 unique doctor’s offices (dentist, eye check, vaccination, lab test and X-ray)
  • includes 5 thematic minigames
  • tons of colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrup flavours